My name is Mike Pilosof and I’m an award-winning news and sportscaster from Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ve created this site to showcase all of my work. Here, you’ll find audio samples of my play by play, newscasts, sportscasts and talk shows. Please feel free to contact me any time. I hope you enjoy

I hired Mike, when I didn’t have a position open, for one reason. I didn’t want to always be known as the guy that didn’t hire Mike Pilosof. I knew he was a unique and exceptional talent from the first time I heard him. And once I hired him, he worked and sacrificed as needed, to improve.

- John Hanson
Program Director-610 Sports, Kansas City, Kan

I’ve known Mike for many years and I know of very few guys who can match his passion for play-by-play, preparation, and work ethic.

- David Brody
Broadcast Marketing Services

Mike Pilosof is one of the most prepared broadcasters that I have had the pleasure of working with. His unique voice tends to set him apart from other broadcasters. and his overall delivery furthers that separation. From a play-by-play standpoint, he is excellent at the small things like giving the time and score, but is also solid in drawing listeners in by giving information about the players and coaches involved. There are very few people that I trust when looking for play-by-play help and he is one of them.

- Jay Lindly
Sports Director – Radio Oklahoma Network

Mike Pilosof is a rising star in the industry! One of the best play-by-play men I’ve heard. The prep he puts into each game is mind boggling! A great news man as well! Mike is destined for the big time!

- Todd Brunner
Operations Manager
Wright Wradio